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Client Tesimonials

Cleaning up was always a hassle, taking around 35-40 minutes to wash the three yards and around the pit. Often (as many of you would know) one yard was not washed because of the time required.It now takes 8 minutes to clean – 3 minutes spent on the Yard Blaster and the rest washing the platform and pit areas.In fact it takes longer to walk to each Yard Blaster outlet than to wash the yards. “It’s great to be in for breakfast half an hour earlier”
Adrian Walker: Yinnar (VIC)

Gone from cleaning one of two yards at up to 1 hour or 1½ to (2 hours for both yards) to 3—5 minutes for both yards. Phil’s daughter-in-law is jealous that the boys no longer ask her to “Hose the Yard” .They are having too much fun with the Yard Blaster. “Best thing they ever bought.”
Phil Allen: Warragul (VIC)
Going real good. Only takes around 2-3 minutes now. I have shown 3-4 people my Yard Blaster and there are still more people wishing to see how it works. “Beats any Flood wash system around.”
Allen Clyne: Upper Maffra West (VIC)

What an excellent idea for the yard. When I first saw the Yard Blaster I didn’t think it would live up to the reports of saving time. This literally turns minutes into seconds.
Tommy Marshman: Mardan (vic)
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