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The days of spending half an hour or more hosing yards are a thing of the past

The Yard Blaster® is a specifically-designed yard wash system that can reduce cleaning to less than five minutes

• Cleans effectively, no need to break up cow pats prior to wash

• Cleans quickly utilising a “controlled flood wash” principle

• Uses high volume water “wave” flow rather than high pressure

• Less residual mess from splash by pressure hoses

• Can be installed into existing yards

• Handles yards with multiple slopes

• Can handle all concrete surface types including stamped yards

• Uses no more water than conventional systems

• Can use recycled water

• Suits single or three phase power

• Can accommodate future yard extensions

Saves time

Clean your entire yard within 5 minutes with ease; it’s that simple. What else can you achieve with that extra time each day?
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Saves effort

Why walk around carrying a heavy hose when you don’t have to move?
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Saves space

No need to find safe space to store long hoses as multiple fixed hydrants are used.
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Suits most yards

Can be fitted to almost any yard and be fully functional
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When it comes to cleaning yards the name dairy farmers know and trust is YARD BLASTER®.  For over 15 years YARD BLASTER® has been delivering unrivalled performance. It is the first choice for yard wash systems.  Some have tried to copy the YARD BLASTER®, yet none have succeeded in matching its performance, reliability and durability.  Don’t be fooled by imitations, there is only one YARD BLASTER®.

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