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Yard Blaster Details

  • Cleans new and existing yards of any size, slopes or surfaces
  • Uses no more water than conventional methods
  • Uses principle of volume rather than pressure
  • Consists of a pump delivering high volume via a number of fixed outlets.
  • Designing steep sloping yards just so that flood washing is possible is no longer necessary.
  • Outlets used one at a time, can swivel 360 degrees, enabling the operator to wash a vast area from the one point. Simply choose most appropriate mounting points
  • Caters for a number of yards and/or multiple slopes
  • Main requirement is for the water storage tank to be located close to the dairy.
  • Can operate on either single phase or three phase power.
  • Single phase uses a 7.5 kW pump and can cover a 16m radius
  • Three phase system uses an 11 kW pump and can cover a minimum of 20 m.
These figures are very consevative based on current operating installations.

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