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Today, the YARD BLASTER® is the first choice for washing the yards and platforms of Australian dairies.  It has achieved this status because it does exactly what it purports to do – reduce yard washing time to less than five minutes.  It has proven to be a highly reliable and low-maintenance product.  In fact, many of the original systems are still working just as well today as they did when first installed over 15 years ago.  Not bad for a product that’s used every day and often twice a day!

The YARD BLASTER® has been so popular that its name is now synonymous with yard washing.  This has encouraged others to try and copy the YARD BLASTER®, yet none have succeeded in matching its performance, reliability and durability.  All we can advise is BEWARE OF IMITATIONS.

A little history

Back in 1997, Dairy Equipment Specialists, in conjunction with Dairy Pumping Systems began researching & developing ways of reducing the time wasted washing the dairy yard. Research revealed that the average time spent ranges from 20 to 40 minutes (twice a day). As yard sizes increase to accommodate ever-growing cow numbers, time spent washing down yards was certain to increase too! Couple this with the physical effort required in dragging a heavy, water filled hose around after milking, then, something needed to change.

The result is the YARDBLASTER®.  It is a system that can:

·       Be installed into existing yards

·       Cope with a wide range of concrete surfaces

·       Handle yards with gentle slopes

·       Save labour & time

·       Use no more water than traditional yard wash systems

·       Be easy to use.

The YARDBLASTER® is based on the simple principle that controlled volume rather than pressure is the most important aspect when washing down yards. The system comprises of a pump delivering ~2,000 litres/minute via a number of fixed outlets. The outlets, used one at a time, can swivel 360 degrees, thus enabling the operator to wash a vast area from the one point. The number of outlets used depends on the size and layout of the yard.

Since the operator can control the direction of the water flow, the system doesn’t require a steep sloping yard, as is the case for flood washing. This also means that the YARDBLASTER® can be installed into existing yards. An added advantage is where there are a number of yards and/or multiple yard slopes. Simply placing outlets at appropriate vantage points around the yard will ensure effective cleaning every time.

On farms where the YARDBLASTER® has been installed, the farmers have commented on how well and easily it works. And the good thing is that the amount of water used is no more than that used with the previous system, yet the yard is cleaner and the time spent has been reduced by three quarters and more. The system is available for single & three phase power supplies.


The only real requirement for the YARDBLASTER® is for a water storage tank to be located close to the dairy from which to pump the water. The quantity of water is similar to what is being currently used. How the system is installed will vary depending on the cleaning requirements. For more information: Contact Us

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